I offer through NOVA-Coaching...

... the accompaniment on the way to the new (NOVA), be it your change, development or training of new skills and personal qualities.


Would you like to finally make progress on a topic that is close to you or even solve this topic? And are you not really making any significant progress?


In this case, I will accompany you as an Integral CoachTM and work with you on your development and the agreed goals as part of a coaching program tailored to your topic and you personally.


As part of the program, on the one hand, you will become more aware of established patterns or behaviors and, on the other hand, we will jointly identify exercises and practices that will support you on the way to achieving your goals. In this process, you will be able to deal better with your specific topic step by step and develop new skills for this.


The coaching sessions can be held perfectly online with ZOOM (possibly with an alternative video conference tool). My two coaching languages are German and English.


In the meantime, I additionally offer STAGES assessments and debriefings. The STAGES system was developed by Terri O'Fallon (PhD.) and is refined still. I am a certified partner of STAGES International, Inc.


Since the beginning of 2023, we also have German stages assessments available.


Your Integral CoachTM in Haar near Munich, Germany.